We pursue opportunities for large growth in markets where our strengths provide competitive advantages and increase our businesses' likelihood of success.

We see exceptional growth opportunities in markets with similarities to Neustar's, where we had great success. In these markets, as in the communications industry, changes in technology are driving unprecedented needs to collect, share and apply advanced analytics to valuable operating data across independent players. In the past, neither the technology nor the operating processes existed to create or serve these needs. 

BLAZAR's focus is on unprecedented opportunities to build new businesses that enable collection and interoperability of data across industry-wide communities of independent players in a wide range of industries. The growth opportunities are large.

To capture the growth, our businesses build and operate platforms that often act as clearinghouses, exchanges, registries or directories. They attract a large share of users in the community of their target industry, because of the high value of their data, transactions and analytics. As the number of users of the new platforms grow, the volume of the transactions generated grows exponentially. Large scale establishes competitive advantages and barriers to entry, as well as attractive margins.

Our businesses face complex challenges that are unprecedented. At BLAZAR, we have experience and expertise in the unique attributes of the business model. We engage with and support management as they build communities of users, design innovative technology and responsive products, establish reliable, trusted operations and manage industry relations and regulators. The result is development of businesses with competitive advantages.